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ACPO Guidelines

ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) thresholds for self/private escort are currently:-

  • Width: >4.6m (15'1")
  • Rigid length: >27.4m
  • Overall length: >32m (105'1")
  • Weight: >130T
All other Roads
  • Width: >4.1m (13'5")
  • Overall length: >30.5m (100')
  • Weight: >100T

Please also find below, guidance from our immeadiate force neighbours in SE Wales:-

South Wales Police

South Wales Police publish the following thresholds:-

Motorways (M4/A48(M)

  • Width: >4.27m (14')
  • Length: >30.5m 100' (Special Order)
  • Weight: >100T

NB: M4 includes to J49 (end of Motorway) in the Dyfed Powys Police area

Dual Carriageways/other Roads

  • Width: >4.1m (13’ 6”)
  • Length: >30.5m (100’) (Special Order)
  • Weight: >100T
  • A4232 width >3.96m (13') (no hard shoulder)
  • A465 width >3.81m (12'6") from Hirwaun to Dowlais (carriageway both directions only 11' wide plus one shared lane)

Gwent Police

Gwent Police publish the following thresholds:-

Motorways (M4/M48)

  • Width: >4.3m (14'1")
  • Length: >30.5m (100') (Special Order)
  • Weight: >100T

Dual Carriageways

  • Width: >4.1m (13’ 6”)
  • Length: as per motorway
  • Weight: as per motorway

Other roads

Dimensions will be set following an assessment of the proposed route by the Force Abnormal Loads Officer.

Where '>' means 'greater than'.  Dimensions, weights etc are a guide and may vary depending upon specific circumstances